Sunday, 2 January 2011

Model Hunt I

Pauline Armstrong - brand new clothing and jewelery line is about to bring it's new collection to you, dear Stardoll fashionistas. Our new collection Fiancée du Vampire is all about Medieval Vampires - chick, elegant, sexy...

Right now we are looking for models to represent S/S 2011 collection. Do you think you're fierce enough for it? Then answer the following questions in the comments:

Name [real or fake]:
SD Nickname:

UPDATE: The casting is closed!


  1. Name [real or fake]Elizabeth (but you can call me Liza or Lizzy)
    SD Nickname:jelizaveta123
    Style:well I don`t have a specific life and my desings inspires me.example when I am sad I will wear black clothes,when I am happy I will wear colorful clothes,sometimes noting inspires me xDbut anyway I have an unique style

  2. Name: MY name is Alexa :]

    SD Nickname: Alexapie90

    Style: Well :] i don't have a specific style i mean what im trying to say is some days i will wear gaga styles the next causal. Although i usually like wearing tank tops, tube tops, skinny jeans, off the shoulder tops, and boots so that's like my main style. :]

  3. Abbie [real]
    My style is everchanging but I usually go for the elegant look on a casual day. So basically, WILD!

  4. Name : Milena
    SD Nickname: VampireLady33
    Style: goth or lolita, depends on day

  5. Name [real or fake]:Maggie
    SD Nickname:Findurlove
    Style:Edgy yet feminine, classical yet modern ;D

  6. Name [real or fake]: Deidra Chanel

    SD Nickname: To_Royal

    Style: Glamor, haute couture, elegant, dark, risque.


  7. Name [real or fake]: Gillian
    SD Nickname: Juciimami827
    Style: Whatever I wear depends really on how I feel- but it is always chic. That's my guideline :)

  8. Name [real or fake]: Mako
    SD Nickname: makomakoshka
    Style: I usually wear black, however sometimes I like to change it. I prefer wearing long gowns rather than jeans and t-shirts. Usually when I have nothing else to do I will just dress up my doll in one of those costumy-looking outfit, but I still try to stay true to myself :)

  9. Name: Zoë Brooke

    SD Nickname: Zoe_COUTURE

    Style: Mostly high fashion or vintage.

  10. Name: Nicole Jones

    SD Nickname: Tapstar321

    Style: I love rocking a vintage, edgy look. I love military combat boots and my leather jacket. However, in terms of parties I get very girly with bright colored mini dresses. Overall, edge is my style.

  11. Name [real or fake]: Courtney
    SD Nickname: Sinbabee
    Style: Edgy. Smoldering. Unique. Just me realy. LOve LOve Love Big Red lips with smokey eyes and a black dress with shoulder pads. LOve gowns with tiny details. LOve anything vintage and unique.

    Thanks ;)x

  12. Name [real or fake]:Zoey/ Z
    SD Nickname: crystality
    Style: Elegant, bold, flowing. I also love futuristic style as well as casual jeans, boots, and jacket:)

  13. Name [real or fake]: Gabrielle Conuay

    SD Nickname: Avolissi

    Style: My style is very elegant and sophisticated. Most of my inspiration comes from Coco Chanel and her clothing lines.

  14. Name [real or fake]: Vicky! (Real!)
    SD Nickname: Princessvx
    Style: Whatever I feel like :D

  15. Name [real or fake]: Kylie (real)
    SD Nickname: missricopenguin
    Style: I like black a lot, but sometimes I just have to wear bright colours. It really depends on my mood :P


  16. Name : Olivia Giovanni ( i was previously known as Nikki)

    SD Nickname: 2peicesofcandy1

    Style: I like to think that my style is a form of my personality. At times it can be sweet or elegant with bright colors and lace; At other times it can be edgy with dark colors and spikes. It all depend on how I'm feeling.

    Thanks so much for the opportunity. I really appreciate it!

  17. Name [real]: ioana
    SD Nickname: iovanca
    Style: rock chic inspired, a very big vampire fan XD check my account to know me better :D

  18. Name: Estelle Javier
    SD Nickname: clubklo
    Style: Well,it solely depends on the person looking at me.It can come accross as dark and brooding to some,structured and haute couture to others. But to me,it's a Balmainesque mix of metal,chunky bags,sleek black pumps and shape,texture,materials,colors,etc. All I can say is that it is very,very fierce.

    Thank you very much,

  19. Name: Jessica Monteiro
    SD Nickname: Jay.Pattinson
    Style: I would probably say it's casual chic, but it depends a lot on my mood. Most of the times I dress like I'm feeling. So there isn't a precise way to describe it :b

  20. Name: Alice Hart
    SD Nickname: Alice2078
    Style: If I had to choose one word it would be distinct, it is different yet always changing. It changes by my inspiration whether I see a model on the runway or a storefront! I like to adapt, but give it my distinct touch!
    Thank you for this opportunity!

  21. Name [real or fake]: Sterling
    SD Nickname: Mariahfan999
    Style: Edgier, Whimsical. I've been into fashion for a long time and I'm willing to take risks, especially since I'm a thirteen year old boy capable of wearing six inch stilettos. I pay attention to the runways, constantly.

  22. Name [real or fake]: Patrick
    SD Nickname: devie44
    Style: Chic, Avant-Garde, & Modern. I love to take risks and make something ugly beautiful.

  23. Name [real or fake]: Eva Cynthia
    SD Nickname: lulu11052
    Style: Realism bordering on magical. I love something from street-chic to heavenly angelic.

    Thank you for considering me for this wonderful opportunity.

  24. Name [real or fake]: Sophie Richie
    SD Nickname: cbivrell
    Style: My style is edgy, but I incorporate pieces of new trends and couture accessories to make my look a cross between runway and punk. It's definitely unique and I'm happy and comfortable with my style.

  25. Name [real or fake]:Mariam

    SD Nickname:4mariam

    Style: I always like to wear a classic attire,But i like to twist it up, and when i say twist it up i mean that i add a chic touch to it. and i always like to make my outfit standout.

  26. Name [real or fake]: Lily
    SD Nickname: MissDancer853
    Style:High fashion,haute couture following fashion trends applying my own sense of style. Bold and vivid colors explaining my bubbly personality. Most of my outfits tend to be vintage ;D

  27. Name [real or fake]: Ayla
    SD Nickname: Syligirl
    Style: Haute couture.

  28. Name [real or fake]: Charlotte
    SD Nickname: Charlotte_loves
    Style: Vintage, Sweet & vivid water colors, trendy and sometimes simple or sophisticated.

  29. Name [real or fake]: Charlotte
    SD Nickname: Charlotte_loves
    Style: Vintage, Sweet & vivid water colors, trendy and sometimes simple or sophisticated

  30. Name [real or fake]: Charlotte
    SD Nickname: Charlotte_loves
    Style: Vintage, Sweet & vivid water colors, trendy and sometimes simple or sophisticated

  31. Name: Emily
    Name on sd: emilymillie
    Style: I don't really have a style, but I know that I like the dresses, elegant, edgy, girly casual really everything! But I don't really go for the gothic stuff. My make-up has to not be to startling but I like having bright lipstick! =] I hope you read my entry Emily xx

  32. Name: [real] Amie Eve
    Username: Vessts
    Style: Dark Vintage, leather, 70's Punk Sub-Fashion

  33. Name [real]: Danka
    SD Nickname: daisy-croatia
    Style: depends on my mood :] I'm very flexible ;)

  34. Name [real]: Carmen
    SD Nickname: BershkaGirl601
    Style: Chic, yet elegant and classique. Always trying to be myself and no one else, my style.

  35. Name:Victoria Jones
    SD Nickname: kuli-buli
    Style: Vintage or Coco Chanel-style


  36. Name: Isabella
    SD Nickname: Hotangel9
    Style: Vintage. Unique. Boho.

  37. Name: Maria
    SD Nickname: *Masha*
    Style:diverse.I love to experiment with it

  38. Name: Lilly Tiger (fake)
    SD Name: Tiergirly
    STyle: Modern Couture

  39. Name [real or fake]:Anna(real)
    SD Nickname:annareingardt

  40. Name [real or fake]:Nastya
    SD Nickname:wiwi5342
    Style: Mixture of modern and classic clothes.

  41. Name [real or fake]: Anastasia
    SD Nickname: AvrilkaTH13
    Style: Simple. Sober. Sometimes vintage

  42. Name: Jess
    SD Nickname: theloveablenerd
    Style: My style constantly changes, I wear whatever I feel like at the moment, but I think I edge towards professional looking mixed with casual.

  43. Name: Julia
    SD Nickname: IamSeductive
    Style: I don`t have a specific style. Often smart casual, often vintage, sometimes punk... I like to expirement and mixed clothes.

  44. Name: Georgia

    SD Nickname: GeorgiaMacknes

    Style: I don't have a style, it's quite various to how I'm feeling or to the season etc. But most of the time it's casual, simple, designer or gothic. I frequently change, I like to study with my outfits.

  45. Name: Mary-Kate

    SD Nickname: marikate14
    Style: Rock yet chic ;)

  46. Name : Georgette
    SD Nickname:Airway
    Style:Elegant, classic or modern,sometimes vintage

  47. Name: Evelyn
    SD nickname: evelinakuzub
    Style: street

  48. Name [real]: Kirsten
    SD Nickname: sparklewand12
    Style: Chic, I normally would wear dresses/skirts more than jean, so probably girly. But I like having a few moments where I'll wear something quite 'out there'. But my outfits are usually simple and not cluttered by too many accessories or lots of make-up.

    Hope you pick me!!!
    Love K xxx

  49. Name: Sasha
    SD Nickname: alex_47st
    Style:Different. I can wear a dress or skirt, but prefer pants, heeled shoes and jacket, black (business style) I can still dress in a simple style: t-shirt, shorts and sneakers.

  50. Name [real or fake]: Daria
    SD Nickname: RealPretty_Mary
    Style: Classic, I think. Combine soft, airy dresses with punk hairstyles and piercings. I love the multiple layers of clothing and street style.

  51. Name : Alena
    SD Nickname: NancyDoll
    Style: Classical in a combination to fashionable trends

  52. Name: Danielle aka Dani
    sd name: yissy123
    style: classic modern...

  53. Привет
    Никнейм на стардолле-Liliay97
    Стиль-Это игра цветов,вообще совмещать не совмещаемое,.
    Надеюсь я попаду в модели

  54. Name: Julia
    Sd Nick: SweetPatty
    Style: My own;) Depends on a mood;)

    Thank you everyone who applied :3