Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Model Hunt I (list)

Here it is - list of the chosen models which I promised to show you. Here are just 12 girls and I need to say sorry to those girls who are not in it... Maybe next time? 
Some of the models were invited personally to represent PA during SFW (will we be seen here? ^^).



  1. Oooh yay :D thanks for picking me! :D

  2. Meh =/
    I'll try next time xD Red lipstick and gowns isn't really my style.

    Congradulations ladies(=

  3. Wow, thanks ;) Nice surprise.

  4. @ Anon Bitch: For your information a lot of the people here on the list worked to get where they are in the modeling world. I am sure Pauline chooses based off the task and what the people accomplish :)

  5. In Anon Bitch's defense..

    Well sure, the more you've accomplished the more likely you are to get chosen.
    But everyone starts out in the same place. Everyone starts at ground zero. Speaking for myself, I put a lot of effort into this. I bought three "vampiry/sexy" gowns and made some changes to my medoll.

    I thought Pauline would be visiting our suites, so from the time I signed up till the time the models were chosen, I dressed in those gowns and crossed my fingers. I don't even think my suite was visited. I think she might of looked at the list and just picked the "elites". However I could be wrong.

    Is it such a crime to give the new girls a chance at making a name for themselves? We all start out in the same position.

    It's just sad that I couldn't get the big break I was hoping for. I tried, but I'm happy for the girls that did make it. I'll try another magazine.

  6. @Anon Bitch
    not only O_o

    @ S
    I visited some ppl from my main account, some were visited from my second account when I was redesigning it (:

    and about modelling career - you can always try yourself in DANG! magazine, which is also owned by me, or any other mag.

  7. Hmmm.. (: I think I'll try DANG! Magazine

  8. Yeah thanks for having me as a model

    xoxo, Elite-girl

  9. I am assuming this is Noelle Page.

    She looks like a vampire and would suit the whole collection I think.